Freddie Mercury: Holding Back the Years (2011)

NRGenre: Documentary
Quality: Year: Duration: 67 MinView: 1 views

The sad and premature death of Freddie Mercury in 1991 took from the world probably the finest performer of all time. But Freddie was so much more than just a superb front-man, magnetic stage presence, and outstanding vocalist. A songwriter of considerable genius, a highly regarded musician, and a musical arranger of enormous imagination. This film is a tribute to a great man, 20 years after the tragic circumstances of his passing. Featuring contributions from his closest friend and colleagues plus fellow musicians and the finest critics, writers, and broadcasters, the film also includes much archive footage, interviews, and news reports from the man himself and with the group who so expertly con-created “the Queen experience” – once witnessed, never forgotten.

Tagline:A documentary tribute

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